RSS Setup

In my opinion, RSS is one of the most useful inventions of the internet. I use them a lot to keep track of web-comics, image blogs, scientific journals, blog posts and news. Until earlier this year I have been using Google Reader. I first moved to Feedly, but then decided to use a self-hosted solution, since I discovered and started using ownCloud, anyway. Due to the lack of a good way of synching with i-devices, ownCloud did not work for me.
I then found TinyTinyRSS. There are a few native iOS clients available. However, they are very basic and I was used to the convenience of Reeder. At the time, the iPhone version of Reader was able to synchronize with Fever servers and a user in the TinyTinyRSS community wrote a plugin adding this interface to ttrss. After the much-anticipated update to Reeder 2 - which is a universal app - iPad users can use this function as well.

To recreate this setup, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Install TinyTinyRSS [Installation notes|Installation notes for]
  2. Download and install the Fever Plugin [explained here]
  3. Enter the credentials into Reeder [same link as above]

ttrss web-interface

ttrss in Browser

Reeder2 for iPad